Silent reflections

In 2005 the work of Mary Chaplin  took on a great U turn when sitting quietly in a small chapel in a  picturesque coastal village , Bois de Cise, she watched the light patterns through the stained glass windows moving slowly over the old flag stone floor. She knew she had to try to capture the light, colours and movement and hurried back to her studio these ephemeral images swirling in her head!

The resulting abstract works she called her reflections (in French meditations)

Series of paintings were created influenced by the light , colour and textures from the chapel, later from the contrasting shadows cast by the pews , alters, architecture  and stonework found in churches and cathedrals throughout Europe, all subtly different but all integrating  her personal and metaphorical interpretation and appropriation of light’s fugacity. The research of Mary Chaplin leads one on a path of discovery of a new type of orphism, but towards a real appropriation of the subject. Enjoy!