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  •     In July exhibition at the art  space Jeff Friboulet d‘Yport (76)News 2017:
  •     January, My Web’Art (a premium website selling art online where my work is represented) grants me an article, to read in the newsletter Myweb’Art of January.
    « Mary Chaplin’s studio is located in a greenery area, next to the Loeuilly ponds and La Coulée Verte.
    Mary Chaplin is a professional artist who bases her plastic researches on light.
    The nature has been her primary source of inspiration and she keeps exploring it through different art techniques: pastel, oil, acrylic … and different subjects: gardens, water, landscapes …> Read the rest of this articleNews 2016:
  •     Exhibition Galerie Huis Huis by Jan Van Damme Gent Belgium

  •      Exhibition of my non-figurative works from 30 April to 26 June, « Exposition     Rayonnance » in the Church of Saint Pierre d’Amiens. Invitation of the Friends of      Pilaricath
  •      Exhibition from 2 to 15 April at the Galerie Blanche, Giverny
  •     Exhibition Art en Apartés, Ecole Centrale Châtenay Malabry
  •     Entry into the repertory: The healing Power of Art of Manhattan International Art of Renée Philipps ·News 2015 and before…:
  •     Award received at the New Beginnings Exhibition, Manhattan International Art ·
  •     December – Exhibition work on nature at the Domino Gallery, invitation city of Méru  60 ·
  •  September / October -Exhibition with Enzo Marazzi at the Yvert Gallery in Lyon
  • Vitrine Galerie Yvert Lyon, exposition avec Enzo Marazzi
    Vitrine Galerie Yvert Lyon, exposition avec Enzo Marazzi
  •    October – 1st Jury Prize at the Galerie Blanche contest at the Bonnard House in Vernon
  •   Exhibition Gallery Saphira & Ventura New York
  • September- Exhibition during the Heritage Days at the Chapel of Wailly Castle 80160 ·
  • April – Exhibition at the Galerie Blanche Giverny
  • Mai- Exhibition at the Rose Garden of Sains en Amiénois as part of the rendezvous at the Garden 2015 ·
  • Exhibition at the Château de Rambures ,, 80. Installation of works on tarpaulins at the Roseraie and in the park ·
  • Exhibition Beijing with the Chinese Art Center of Aunay, 1 Street Liang jia dian, 100142 Haidian Zone, Beijing, China ·
  • Exhibition ‘the colors of diversity’, bd de la Villette Paris
  • Article and Cover  » Artists Magazine May 2015″ ·
  • Exhibition Center of art and creation of Aulnay sous Bois. Selected works for a series of exhibitions in China ·
  • Finalist for The Healing Power of Art Contest · Manhattan Art International, New York US ·
  • Article in the magazine La Brève d’Aralya
  • Artists permanent Galerie Artitude Paris
  • Personal exhibition Galerie Artitude, Village Switzerland Paris
    Partnership for figurative work Gallery Francis Iles Rochester England
  • 2014-Now present on the ‘Showcase site’ on
  • 2014- Participation exhibition ‘A single grain of rice‘ gallery Metanoia Paris France
  • 2014- Featured in the magazine , Aralya
  • 2014- Participation, TV programme on France 3, R & G Productions ,about Hortillonnages ‘water gardens’ of Amiens, France
  • 2014- Beginning partnership with Artitude Gallery, Paris, France
  • 2014- Jean-Marc Denecker, Video ‘my new workshop
  • 2014 -Invitations Artists 2012 organized by the Regional Council of Picardy, exhibition ‘aux arts cityoens’’ With Anne-Sophie Masse and Philippe Chardon in Thoix Castle ,80160 France
  • 2014 – exhibition gallery Yvert, 80 Amiens France
  • 2013 – Article in the magazine Esprit de Picardie
  • 2013 – exhibition gallery Balastra, Namur, Belgium
  • 2013 – chromatic dialogues between art and heritage as part of the Invitation for Artists in Picardy by the Regional Council, through association- ‘Mais-ou-et-donc-or-ni-car’,, Thoix Castle, 80160 France
  • 2013 – July / August Guest of Honour for the Arts Salon at the Manoir de Briancon Criel sur Mer (76) in the Normandy Impressionist Festival
  • 2013 Theme: Water, reflections and transparencies … presentation of my series ‘O beyond water reflections‘.
  • 2013 -June participation in the 28th Salon of Contemporary Art of Senlis (60) theme « Contrast ». Association ADAÏS
  • 2012- Exhibition Chapel of the College of the City of Eu (76)  
  • 2012 – Creation support for the project ‘A Man in the Light or Homage to Alfred Manessier’ Regional Council of Picardy
  • 2012 – May – participation in the exhibition of Contemporary Art, Fiat Lux, Le Parvis Arras (62)
  • 2012 – May: Participation in the 2nd Festival of Arts of the Château Lavaux St Anne, Namur, Belgium
  • 2011 – Referencing in the « Bible of Abstract Art 2012 » Edition Lelivredart
  • 2011- September: Exhibition in the Collegiate Church of Aire sur la Lys (62) Invited by the Saving Committee of the Collegiate Church.
  • 2011- August: exhibition at the Manna Kunsthuis Gallery in Bruges (Belgium)
  • 2011- Now referenced on Art Trope
  • 2011 – May: Personal exhibition ‘Permanences of the ephemeral’, Cultural Center of Montigny on the Hallue (80)
  • 2010 – September: Paris, 1st edition of Art Apart ‘, concept created by Rita Verissimo, Art Advisor
  • 2010 – July to October: participation in the exhibition ‘Treasures’ in the Cathedral of Arras (62)
  • 2010- June – Participation in the Festival of Contemporary Sacred Art of St Omer (62), Les Regardeurs de lumière, video Confidences d’Artistes de Delta TV
  • 2010 – April – Exhibition at the church of Cestas Gazinet. Invited by the municipality of Cestas
  • 2010- partnership with the ‘Art Passeur’ Gallery Christian Servant Gallery, Libourne
  • 2010- Article by Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret: ‘The permanence of the ephemeral’
  • 2009 – Acquisition by the Regional Council of Picardy of « The incandescence of the soul » oil on canvas, 80x100cm
  • 2009 – As part of the « Artists’ invitations » of the Regional Council of Picardy, exhibition at the Traverse Gallery, Mers les Bains
  • 2009 – Partnership with the gallery Dung Bui, St Paul de Vence (06)
  • 2008 – Participation in the collective exhibition on the theme of the incarnation under the patronage of Bishop Aupetit, Bansard Gallery, Notre Dame de St Croix Church Paris
  • 2008 – Exhibition at the Church of Fieffes (80)
  • 2008 – article in Style & Co magazine Amiens
  • 2008 – Abbey of Grimbergen (Belgium) for the Kiwanis International
  • 2008 – Exhibition Dominium Art Gallery, Beersel (Brussels)
  • 2008- Creation of the project: «Lights of Dubai», job grant, Regional Council of Picardy
  • 2007 – Referencing in the « Bible of Abstract Art » Edition Lelivredart
  • 2007 – « Shards of light in the footsteps of the past », 300x150cm, order Sub-prefecture of Péronne
  • 2007 – The Friars Gallery in Canterbury, England
  • 2007 – Article in the magazine « Artists Magazine » devoted to my non-figurative work
  • 2006 – Exhibition in Salouël with the association Métropole Art
  • 2005 – Artists’ Invitations, Regional Council of Picardy
  • 2005 – Personal exhibition, Galerie Wallet Fouque Amiens
  • 2005, September, Reportage France3 Picardie, interview with Yolande Malgras
  • 2005, July, Pourville sur Mer, Prix du Pastel, special mention of the Jury
  • 2004 – Article in the magazine « Artists Magazine », the obscure light, devoted to my pastel technique
  • 2004 – Article in the magazine « Artistes Magazine » devoted to my technique of pastel
    2004, Personal exhibition: Head Office, Barbara company, Arcueil, Invited as part of Barbara’s sponsorship actions
  • 2003 – Grand Prix of Pastel (Académie Sciences, Arts and Letters of Amiens, 80)
  • 2002 – Exhibition « La Croisée des Chemins » Manoir de Fontaine in Blangy sur Bresle (76)